Travel Certificates

Interstate Travel: If you plan to fly with your pet within the United States (excluding Hawaii) most airlines require an exam and travel certificate to be completed within 10 days of your flight. We are happy to accommodate your travel plans with notice. Please call to schedule an appointment. We ask that you know the address of your destination when you call to schedule your appointment, as it is required to complete your pet’s travel certificate.

Overseas Travel: If you plan to visit another country (or the state of Hawaii) with your pet, travel certificates may be much more complicated to complete. There are certain vaccines, blood tests, treatments and permits that may be needed. Each country has different requirements. It can be difficult to navigate through the rules and regulations associated with taking pets abroad.

We are glad to assist you in completing the paperwork and treatments needed for travel, but we require ample notice, and it is only a service we provide for long-time clients of one year or more.

We kindly ask that you please visit the USDA Website prior to scheduling:
or call 770-922-7860 for more information.

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