Spotlight Employee – Lauren

This issues spotlight employee is Lauren Meadows. Lauren is a kennel assistant and a college student. We all enjoy her smiling face. She is a joy to work with. Lauren wrote this when we asked her about being the spotlight employee:

When I was only 16 years old, a sophomore at Grady High School, I decided I wanted to get a job to earn some extra money. When I was thinking about places that I could work at, I thought maybe a grocery store or a restaurant. Then one day I drove past Ansley Animal Clinic and realized that working there would be my dream job. I’ve always loved animals, and I grew up with 3 golden retrievers, but my dad refused to get any more pets after that because he is allergic to animals. lauren

After school one day, I walked down to Ansley Animal Clinic and filled out an application, not really expecting to hear back because it was my first time ever applying for a job. About a week later, I got a call back from Chris, the owner of the clinic, and he asked if I could come in for an interview. At the interview, Chris explained the job description and told me about “The Ansley Way” of treating coworkers, animals, and clients with respect and maintaining a positive attitude and tone. Immediately, I could see that this was a welcoming and friendly environment.

That was over 2 years ago now, and since then I have learned a lot about veterinary procedures, responsibility, and teamwork. Every day at the clinic I learn something new thanks to the doctors and technicians teaching me and answering all of my questions. All of the staff members here are very well informed and good at explaining and teaching. This job has also taught me maturity and responsibility. Working in a medical environment can be very hectic at times, so it’s important to come to work every day and help my coworkers out. I also never expected to make good friends at a job, but I have a special bond with each of my coworkers, and many of them have watched me grow up. I consider the Ansley staff to be my family because I’ve grown so comfortable here. I can’t imagine working anywhere else because working at Ansley Animal Clinic is perfect for me. It’s no wonder that many of my peers are envious of my job.

So next time you are in the clinic be sure to say Hi to Lauren.