Spotlight Employee Dorothy Stephens


Dorothy Stephens c.1994

“In my many years at Ansley I’ve had the privilege to see so many puppies and kittens all the way through to their senior years.  I find joy in knowing I may have had some small part in the longevity of each of their lives.”

This issue’s spotlight employee is our office manager Dorothy Stephens.  Dorothy first started at Ansley in September 1989 as a kennel assistant.  Her passion at the time was photography but quickly changed as she gained more experience in the veterinary field.  Over the course of the last 24 years she became a technician, earning her Registered Vet Tech license in 2005 and eventually became the office manager.  Her current role has her taking on many “hats” throughout each day.  Dorothy is the glue that holds Ansley together; she is our resident “McGyver” who seems to always know how to fix anything.  Dorothy is our go-to person for just about everything here at Ansley.

Dorothy is an Atlanta native, growing up just down the street from Ansley.  She enjoys the outdoors; flower gardening, hiking and most of all relaxing in the hammock while bird watching.  She met her husband, Joe, in 1989 and they have been married for 17 years.  Dorothy and Joe have a 9 year old son named Logan.  Also in the family are three dogs that she has rescued:  Wylie, a West Highland Terrier, Lego, a Boxer and finally Lola, an elderly Chihuahua she found wandering around in a Lowe’s garden center.  In contrast to the energy that Logan and her dogs (except for Lola) bring to the household she also enjoys a 50-gallon fish tank filled with African Cichlids and a 10 year old Algae Eater.