Dear Elliott

Sometimes my medications seem to be such a hassle to my owners.  I have had some pills that make a fun rattley noise and those weird pills in a foil packet.  Once I even had liquid medicine that was refrigerated….BRRR.  Once I feel better I don’t have to keep taking them, right?

Just say “NO”



Dear No,                                                                                                          

The medications we take can come in many forms.  It is important for our owners to read the label carefully and leave the medicine in the original containers; the pills that come in the foil packet can disintegrate if removed.  If for any reason someone other than your owner needs to administer your medication, leaving it in the original bottle or packaging with the direction label on it is the best way to ensure proper dosing.  In most cases you need to finish all of the medication, even when you start to feel better.  If not, you can become even more ill and have to take more medication.  Trust me, neither you nor your parents want that.