The Yearly Physical Exam

More Important Than You Might Think – Annual Exams

examWhen you receive a reminder in the mail or in your inbox, you know it is time to have your pet’s vaccine boosters, a fecal test and heartworm test (for dogs) updated. What else should you expect from these visits?

During the yearly physical examination, your veterinarian will perform a nose-to-tail evaluation to look at the teeth and oral cavity, eyes and ears, listen to the heart and lungs, palpate the abdomen, and check the skin and body condition. This is extremely important because the healthiest looking or acting pet can have abnormalities detected and they can be addressed sooner, rather than later. In addition, any ongoing medical issues can be addressed.  So, although when the reminder arrives you may be thinking “vaccines,” what the veterinarian is thinking is “yearly physical exam.”   As a result, your vet can decide which vaccines are appropriate for your pet.

Besides the physical exam the doctor will discuss heartworm and flea preventatives for year-round protection, dental care, weight management, behavior and related concerns. The veterinarian may recommend bloodwork and urinalysis, when indicated, for a complete evaluation of your pet.  These, along with vaccines, are all a part of preventative care, and are necessary to help keep your pet healthy.

We are here to help you make the best decisions and provide quality, individualized care for your pet throughout the year.