Ansley’s Online Store: Convenience and Savings!

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We’ve updated our online pharmacy to a newer, more user-friendly interface. The new store has improved operation, wider selection, and is integrated with our office system – which means we can help you right here at the clinic. All we need is your email address. You may have received an invitation when our store opened in April.

Auto Ship

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Does your pet require a special diet or long-term medication? Select the Auto-Ship option in the store to have your products delivered on the same day each month and save on shipping costs. Our new store offers FREE shipping for all products you receive via Auto-Ship.

Did you have an account on our old store? We’ve already transferred your information to the new and improved pharmacy. Go online and see the awesome new interface!

Computer CatIs it difficult to gain access to the store?  Not at all. Registering is easier than before. Just go to our website,, and click on STORE.  Feel free to shop around and add items to your online store shopping cart.  You can register during check-out.

Does the online pharmacy have a wide selection? Yes. There is a much wider variety of prescription medications, food, and over the counter products in the new store. The online selection includes all items we stock on our shelves and many products we do not.

Do I need a written prescription like other online stores? No. When you purchase a prescription item from the store, the prescription request comes straight to Ansley for processing. We can usually get prescriptions approved and processed the same business day.

Can Ansley staff start the order for me? Absolutely! Pending your veterinarian’s approval, we can submit your prescription during your appointment. So instead of carrying a paper prescription to your local pharmacy (or scanning/faxing one to an online retailer), we submit the prescription electronically–directly to our pharmacy. The pharmacy generates an email to you; all you need to do is click on a link in the email to go online and complete the and doctor

How do Ansley’s online store prices compare to other online pharmacies?  Items—whether prescription or over-the-counter—are competitively priced with automated controls to adjust products to compete with other reputable online pharmacies. As a new online store customer, you can use the coupon code “welcome62” to save $5 off your first order. In addition, the store is geared to handle many manufacturer offers (e.g. free doses or percentage discounts) that are only available in veterinary clinics. In addition, the store is geared to handle many manufacturer offers (e.g. free doses or percentage discounts) that are only available in veterinary clinics, and the store regularly provides coupons to your email address to help defray some of the cost.


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