Good News: Babies, Weddings, and Distance Running

Last year, Ansley’s Summer edition of the Pet Gazette reported some of the big changes coming at the clinic, including great new staff members and tearful goodbye’s to two of our favorite co-workers, Ann Vaughan and Dr. Tad Squires.

But the good folks at Ansley rallied (I guess that’s one word for it) and this year we have many reasons to celebrate including continued fertility, fiestas, and fast runners.

Babies Galore!

Something in the Water (part 2)

Fertility: If you received the January print edition of the Pet Gazette, you may remember the full page story on Ansley Animal Clinic’s newest mothers: Dr. Joanie Brower had a boy (Matt), Dr. Elizabeth Wood had a boy (Henry), and Dr. Kelly Coates had a boy (Cannon).  When our last newsletter went to print, the only photo we had of Cannon was his ultrasound picture.  Here you can see Dr. Coates with Cannon and their dog, Ferris.

Well… something is still in the air, the water, and the general aura around Ansley.   We have more happy news to report:

  • Dr. Kimberly Fireman, who started with Ansley last September, is expecting her first child, a boy.  Dr. Fireman’s baby is due in August.
  • Lindsey Leitch at the Front Desk recently discovered that she is expecting her first child, a girl, in September.
  • Lisa Prato Lee has been with Ansley for almost 10 years.  Lisa had her first child, a son (and his name is Levon, “and he shall be a good man”), in 2009.  She is now expecting her second child in December.

Wedding Bells

Fiestas: It’s not just babies that keep things interesting around here.  There seems to be  a spark in the air.  A season of love.  Several of our staff are celebrating weddings and engagements.

  • Nicole Morgan is a technician who has been with Ansley for 4 years.  Nicole accepted a wedding proposal from long-time boyfriend, Ryan.  All of us approve.  Nicole and Ryan will be tying the knot in April of 2012.
  • Lauren Martin, also a technician, has been with us for 5 years and is also tying the knot this October.
  • Jen LaVigne, our Front Desk Supervisor, accepted a marriage proposal in Blue Ridge, Ga this spring. Jen will be getting married in April of 2012.
  • Dr. Gail Kearney and her husband Chris celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in March. The happy couple went on a fun Caribbean cruise.

Dr. Brandley

Fast Times: After joining the Ansley family, Dr. Melissa Brandley took on some great challenges.  A regular at Bally Fitness, she entered her name in a contest for a custom racing bike.  Happily, she won!  The bike was state-of-the art and custom built for her frame.  Already a dynamo, the new bike sparked an athletic transformation in Dr. Brandley.

That was in 2010.  Over the past year, Dr. Brandley put the new bike to good use.  She competed in 3 triathlons and several road races including:

  • The Run Like Hell 5k at Oakland Cemetery,
  • The 5K at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, and
  • The Rock and Roll half marathon in New Orleans