COVID-19 and Caring for Your Pet

April 6, 2020

Dear Ansley Clients,
We appreciate your understanding in these strange times. We are doing our best to promote safety for both our employees and our clients. This means social distancing to the best of our abilities. Please read the following protocols we have in place to keep a safe environment for all.

IMPORTANT: IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LIVE WITH ARE SICK OR QUARANTINED, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE. Each of us at Ansley take our temperatures before entering the building. If any one of us is running a fever OR LIVING with someone who has a fever, symptoms, or confirmed test results, we stay home. We ask the same of our clients. PLEASE DO NOT PUT OTHERS AT RISK.

To keep outside exposure to a minimum, our building is closed to anyone who isn’t employed here. We are still seeing appointments, and providing essential services for pets, but we have a few social distancing protocols in place. Please read below.

  • Please drive here. Do not walk or ride a bike. 
  • Remain in your car. 
  • Park a safe distance from other cars. Orange grates have been placed in parking spots to discourage parking too closely. 
  • Call us from your car whenever you are here for an appointment, or when you are here to pick up a product.
  • If you are here for an appointment, after you’ve called and checked in with the front desk, please continue to remain in your car with your pet. The technician will come speak with you at a safe distance, and then the technician will instruct you to take your pet out of the car.
    • ALL CATS MUST BE IN A STABLE CAT CARRIER. If you have a cat, you can simply set the carrier on the ground beside your car, and the technician will bring your cat inside. 
    • ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH. If you have a dog, you will take your dog out of the car, a technician will slip one of our leashes around your pet, and you can then release your leash. 
  • During the exam, your veterinarian will call you to discuss your pet. 
  • After your pet’s exam, the receptionists will call to collect payment over the phone. We are not accepting cash or checks at this time, only credit/debit cards.
  • If you are here to pick up a product, please call from your car. The front desk will take payment over the phone. Please remain in your car until the front desk staff places your item(s) outside. We have extended a gate past our front door. Please give our staff appropriate space to put your items outside. Do not cross the gate. Do not crowd the gate. 

Thank you for observing these protocols we have put in place to keep you and our staff safe.

Some further updates:
We have streamlined to a paperless signing system. All documents requiring signatures will be e-mailed to you.

Don’t forget that we have an online store! Food and medications can be ordered online and shipped directly to your house. Please go to to shop! Use the Coupon code SALE20 for 20% off. No minimum purchase.