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BEST place to take your pets

Ansley Animal Clinic is the BEST place to take your pets to see the vet!  We have been taking our dogs here for about 4 years now and enjoy the great customer service and the pet friendly atmosphere.   All of the doctors are great and I like that they kept the 70’s look of the building…both interior and exterior.  The best part is talking to the other pet owners and meeting their pets.  Everyone is so friendly!  I also enjoy the two community boards they set up.  One is strictly for pet adoptions and the other are for pictures of new patients!

Previous to Ansley Animal Clinic, we went to Pets Are People Too and had such an awful experience there.  Our first baby, Braun; does not like having his nails cut and when I stopped by to get a nail trim for him, the rude assistant told me that Braun was crazy and needed 3 people to hold him down, needs training and we should never bring him there again.  Braun was only about a year old when this happened and they brought him to me in a muzzle!  I was in shock and gave her my two cents and never went back!  When Ansley Animal Clinic or even Petsmart trims his nails, he is so calm…makes me wonder with they did to him!

So if you have a new furry family member or are looking for a great vet, check out Ansley Animal Clinic!  The definitely deserve more than 5 stars and its great to see everyone else rate them so high as well!

Posted by Joel C., Atlanta, GA
Yelp. 5 star rating


Dr. Woody is my hero.

We love our dogs. They are a part of our family. Dr. Woody and his team of caring professionals have helped us raise four dogs over the course of the last 20 years. They’ve also grieved with us when it was time for us to help those wonderful animals move on.

We are empty nesters; now, but someday (soon, we hope!) a homeless, sweet animal will find its way into our lives, and Dr. Woody will once again take his place on our team.

Five stars, in my world, are reserved for businesses who are simply unchallenged in their field. This is one such organization

Posted by Patrick C., Atlanta, GA
on Yelp.
5 star rating


Good, but…

Because I adopted a stray, 1-month-old kitten in the spring, I have been to Ansley Animal Clinic four times over the past 3 months–and can say I feel fortunate that this vet is located so near my home.

Three different vets have checked out MacGyver, my stripey gray tabby kitty, and administered his booster shots. All of the vets have been great: doctors Hayes, Cannon and Brower, all females. Dr. Hayes has several cats of her own and is wonderfully eccentric–she even gives her cat-owning clients handmade toys that dangle on a string. MacGyver loved his turquoise ball so much, that it is now lost, tucked somewhere in his world of play… Dr. Cannon is extremely young yet down with the cat care trends. She even clipped MacGyver’s nails for me. And Dr. Brower is pretty awesome: she flushed all the dead ear mites out of my furball’s ears, demonstrating how to massage the gunk from his earlobes, and then swipe away the waste.

The vet technician Shera is fantastic; she has consistently praised MacGyver’s unique markings and lean physique, and makes me feel good about my handsome feline.

While the vets themselves–and Shera!–have left me impressed, the staff makes consistent mistakes:

1. plunging something up MacGyver’s anus to try to garner fecal matter, even though I brought in a doo-doo sample–and the staff member failed to deliver it to the person responsible for the fecal exam
2. telling me on the phone that MacGyver was old enough for flea treatment, and that I could come pick it up–and then refusing to give it to me upon my arrival, claiming he was too young
3. charging me for a fecal exam, when it wasn’t performed during that particular appointment
4. making an appointment for MacGyver and giving me an appointment card with that slot written in ink–and then the appointment didn’t get recorded in the computer

Overall, despite all the above, I am pleased with Ansley Animal Clinic, since the actual vets taking care of my precious fluff-puff obviously adore animals, love what they do and want to provide high-quality petcare.

I feel confident that MacGyver’s upcoming neutering will go well…

Posted by: Bobbin W, Atlanta, GA
4 star rating

Testimonial (Pugsly)

Saved Pugsly

My puppy was not eating, and i stopped by to let the doctors look at him. It was a simple case of having worms, which was a huge relief. Thank you guys, we will continue to employ your services.


This place is fantastic, and they will generally work with you on pricing. They actually care about your pets wellbeing. I love this place 🙂

— Susan Watkins
Posted on 10/3/2010

Best Vet, really caring staff

This place is fantastic, and they will generally work with you on pricing. They acctually care about your pets wellbeing. I love this place 🙂

Dental Month

Approximately 85% of dogs and cats suffer from some degree of dental disease. Proper dental care is beneficial to the health of your pet, not to mention that dog breath.  During dental month, we are providing extra dental services at a $25 discount.  Call to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning today.

New Clients, Referrals

If you are a new client, we want your first experience with Ansley to be a good one.  Call us at 404-873-1786 to schedule an appointment.  We try to give all new clients extra time so we can get to know you and your pet(s).  For your convenience, you can download a New Client Form.  Referrals are our highest compliment.

Full Service Care


Our veterinarians and support staff provide complete medical care for dogs and cats, including vaccinations and exams, surgical services, dental care, nutrition, boarding and bathing.

Physical Exams

We recommend that your pet have a complete physical exam every six months to one year.  Exams give your veterinarian the chance to look for early signs of disease, including annual screening for intestinal parasites and heartworms.  At Ansley, we emphasize affordable blood screening panels to ensure a pet’s health. Because pets age faster than people, your exams are very important.

Vaccines are also a part of exams.  Depending on your pet…

Dental Care

Have you noticed a foul odor coming from your pet’s mouth or a brown accumulation on the teeth?  Your pet may suffer from dental disease.  It’s not uncommon.  Nearly 85% of dogs and cats suffer from some degree of dental disease.
Proper dental care will increase your pet’s quality of life. A dental prevents your pet from losing teeth, having a painful mouth, having difficulty eating, and developing bad breath. It can also help prevent bacterial infections in the heart and kidneys. We can also provide more complicated procedures, such as oral surgery, if your pet needs more advanced care. We also offer digitally-produced dental x-rays. These allow early detection of problems with the teeth and surrounding bone that would otherwise be undetected.


In general, we recommend you spay or neuter your pets if they are not intended for breeding. Pets should have finished their puppy/kitten vaccines before scheduling surgery. We generally like pets to be (what age?) old but this can vary depending on the pet.
We can provide you with all of your pet’s pharmacological needs with very little waiting time for refills. Refill requests can be made over the phone or via e-mail??? (Please see contact us section).


We recommend microchipping for all pets. We implant the Rescue Microchip, which is a small informational chip placed under the skin. The Rescue Microchip has helped return over ____ pets to their owners.
If you’ve found a stray or lost pet, we can scan…


We can prescribe special diets to treat skin, liver, kidney, heart and intestinal diseases. If weight is a concern we will create a weight-loss program to help your pet reach his/her ideal body weight.

Surgery / Radiology

With in-house radiology (x-ray) equipment, we are able to perform and interpret radiographs within an hour.

Pre-anesthetic bloodwork

Before surgery…

Travel Certificates


  • Reservations are required.  Reserve your holiday and travel boarding needs well in advance.
  • Space is limited, so Ansley Animal Clinic clients receive first priority.
  • All vaccinations must be current to board your pet., including kennel cough.
  • If your pet needs medicine or special food while staying with us, please bring the original packaging (including heartworm prevention).

Neighborhood Vet

Welcome to Ansley.   This clinic has been part of the neighborhood since 1980.  When you  bring your animals to Ansley, know that you will see familiar faces and be in a warm, familiar environment.  We enjoy knowing you and knowing your pets.

Each of us at Ansley Animal Clinic strives to see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind.  Our first priority is to relieve their pain and discomfort, to calm and comfort them and minimize time away from the people they love.  We want to deliver caring and personal service to you, making a great experience for you and your pets.

For over 30 years, Ansley Animal Clinic has been a good neighbor and member of the community.  We support neighborhood schools, groups, and pet advocacy organizations.  Ansley is a longtime supporter of groups like PALS (Pets Are Loving Support), the Atlanta Humane Society and various animal rescue organizations.