BEST place to take your pets

Ansley Animal Clinic is the BEST place to take your pets to see the vet!  We have been taking our dogs here for about 4 years now and enjoy the great customer service and the pet friendly atmosphere.   All of the doctors are great and I like that they kept the 70’s look of the building…both interior and exterior.  The best part is talking to the other pet owners and meeting their pets.  Everyone is so friendly!  I also enjoy the two community boards they set up.  One is strictly for pet adoptions and the other are for pictures of new patients!

Previous to Ansley Animal Clinic, we went to Pets Are People Too and had such an awful experience there.  Our first baby, Braun; does not like having his nails cut and when I stopped by to get a nail trim for him, the rude assistant told me that Braun was crazy and needed 3 people to hold him down, needs training and we should never bring him there again.  Braun was only about a year old when this happened and they brought him to me in a muzzle!  I was in shock and gave her my two cents and never went back!  When Ansley Animal Clinic or even Petsmart trims his nails, he is so calm…makes me wonder with they did to him!

So if you have a new furry family member or are looking for a great vet, check out Ansley Animal Clinic!  The definitely deserve more than 5 stars and its great to see everyone else rate them so high as well!

Posted by Joel C., Atlanta, GA
Yelp. 5 star rating

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