Good, but…

Because I adopted a stray, 1-month-old kitten in the spring, I have been to Ansley Animal Clinic four times over the past 3 months–and can say I feel fortunate that this vet is located so near my home.

Three different vets have checked out MacGyver, my stripey gray tabby kitty, and administered his booster shots. All of the vets have been great: doctors Hayes, Cannon and Brower, all females. Dr. Hayes has several cats of her own and is wonderfully eccentric–she even gives her cat-owning clients handmade toys that dangle on a string. MacGyver loved his turquoise ball so much, that it is now lost, tucked somewhere in his world of play… Dr. Cannon is extremely young yet down with the cat care trends. She even clipped MacGyver’s nails for me. And Dr. Brower is pretty awesome: she flushed all the dead ear mites out of my furball’s ears, demonstrating how to massage the gunk from his earlobes, and then swipe away the waste.

The vet technician Shera is fantastic; she has consistently praised MacGyver’s unique markings and lean physique, and makes me feel good about my handsome feline.

While the vets themselves–and Shera!–have left me impressed, the staff makes consistent mistakes:

1. plunging something up MacGyver’s anus to try to garner fecal matter, even though I brought in a doo-doo sample–and the staff member failed to deliver it to the person responsible for the fecal exam
2. telling me on the phone that MacGyver was old enough for flea treatment, and that I could come pick it up–and then refusing to give it to me upon my arrival, claiming he was too young
3. charging me for a fecal exam, when it wasn’t performed during that particular appointment
4. making an appointment for MacGyver and giving me an appointment card with that slot written in ink–and then the appointment didn’t get recorded in the computer

Overall, despite all the above, I am pleased with Ansley Animal Clinic, since the actual vets taking care of my precious fluff-puff obviously adore animals, love what they do and want to provide high-quality petcare.

I feel confident that MacGyver’s upcoming neutering will go well…

Posted by: Bobbin W, Atlanta, GA
4 star rating

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