Totally went out of her way to help me

My dog is huge. Around 80 lbs. And he had an AWFUL vet experience a few years ago that left him seriously scarred when it comes to any type of stranger. Especially ones in small rooms that want to muzzle his face, restrain him, and poke him with needles.

I told all this to the vet when I brought him on on Saturday. That he can be bitey, and thrashy, and just a general pain in the ass. I offered to muzzle him for them. He got it off. Put it on again, he got it off again. Tried to put it on him and he was snippy at all of us, even me. I was almost in tears.

Vets in the past were like, “that’s it. we can’t help you” but she offered to let me take him outside. That maybe being in the small room was at the root of his freak out, and that I could walk him outside and she would meet me out back to administer the exam.
And it worked! I walked him around the yard for a few minutes and was finally able to slip the muzzle on  him without a fight. I trotted him to the back porch of the facility where she proceeded with the exam and the shots. He only squirmed a little bit.

Kudos to Ansley. Most places don’t put up with a troubled dog. She totally went out of her way to help me get my dog healthy. And she’s also stocking me up on sedatives for the next time we have to come visit.

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L L. of Atlanta, GA

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