Best vet in Atlanta for past 13 years

I have been going to Ansley Animal Clinic for over 13 years now with the same dog and the staff (Ann & Dr. Woody) have been amazing the whole time. “Scout Finch” has had puppy skin problems, cancer and now end of life care issues and they have always taken the time to make sure that I understand and am comfortable with their treatment. Because of this personalized attention and the fact that many other people have the same love of Ansley it may take a little longer to get to in to your appointment, but it is 100% worth the wait and far better than being rushed in and out to keep on a 30 minute per pet schedule.

Also, I lived 2.5 hours from Atlanta for several years while at grad school and after trying 2 vets that were local I decided to make the drive (5 hours round trip) to Ansley because for the difference in care, service and professionalism.

For those with negative reviews I hope that by going to other vets you have seen the error in your ways and have returned to Ansley (or realized that everyone has an off day, even the best vet in Atlanta).

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