Take heed, Lily-loving Cat Owners

Easter season is upon us, which means lily season is here.  Some lillies are dangerous, if ingested.  Some less so.  Lily-loving cats owners should take heed.

lilyThe less dangerous types of lillies are Peruvian, Peace, and Calla; they contain oxalate crystals that cause minor signs of illness–an irritated mouth, tongue, pharynx and esophagus from the lily can lead to minor drooling. But Tiger lilies as well as Day, Asiatic, Easter, and Japanese Show lillies can be fatal to cats.  Even small amounts, like eating lily pollen or 2-3 leaves can lead a cat into kidney failure.

Cats that consume any part of a lily require immediate medical care to effectively treat the poisoning.  If you see your cat eating or chewing a lily, bring him/her and the lily plant to a veterinarian immediately.  If you have Easter lillies or any other type, be sure to keep them out of your pets’ reach.