Pharmacy information

In house: We can fulfill most of your pets prescription needs.  We do require that your pet is a patient with us and has had an exam within the last year before filling any prescriptions. We kindly ask that you call us in advance for any refills to reduce your wait time.  If another veterinarian prescribed a medication to your pet that you need refilled by us for the first time, we will request records from your previous doctor to ensure we have the correct dosage.

Ansley’s on-line store: We have an online store which can ship your prescriptions to your door.  Click on the following link to order your prescription and non-prescription items.  Once ordered our front desk staff will receive an email to process your prescription items promptly.

Other on-line pharmacies: We are happy to work with you to provide you with a written prescription.  However, it is our policy to not work directly with on-line pharmacies through faxed prescriptions or by authorizing prescriptions over the phone.  The inefficiency of the on-line pharmacy process (repeated faxes and multiple phone calls for confirmation) draws our attention away from what is most important – the animals and their owners needing immediate attention within the clinic.  So, for the best experience, please mail an original prescription to the on-line pharmacy of your choice.

Be sure as you place your on-line order to place it in the name of the same person as listed on the original prescription you are provided.  This is the primary account holder in our system.  If the names on your on-line order and your written prescription do not match, your order will likely be denied.


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