Dear Elliott


My humans received a reminder in the mail for my yearly examination and rabies vaccination.  I never go outside and am frightened about getting a shot.  Do I have to be vaccinated against rabies even though I remain strictly indoors?


Scaredy Cat

Dear Scaredy Cat,

Yes, you do need to be vaccinated against rabies despite your “indoor only” status.  You do go outdoors when your humans need to bring you to the veterinarian, when you go to be boarded or groomed,  or when you travel.   Occasionally “indoor only” animals get outside accidentally.  Rabies is a fatal viral disease that can be spread to all mammals,  including humans.  Vaccination of all dogs and cats against rabies is the law in our state.

If you were to bite a human or another animal and did not have a current rabies vaccine, you would be quarantined.  The quarantine period can last anywhere from 10 days up to 6 months depending on the circumstances.  The vaccination is quick and relatively painless, Scaredy Cat.   In addition to being a good law abiding feline, you will also be helping to keep your humans and yourself protected from this deadly disease.

For further information look to the Center for Disease Control website.