More about Microchipping

We recommend all pets get a microchip. We implant the ResQ Microchip, which is a small informational chip placed under the skin. ResQ uses an internationally standardized technology that allows your pet’s microchip to be scanned and read anywhere in the world.

In addition, we can scan other microchip brands to help reunite owners with their lost pets.  If you’ve found a stray or lost pet, bring it to Ansley and have us scan the pet at no charge.  If we find a chip number on a pet we call Petlink, give them the number and they give us the client information that is registered to that pet.  We then contact the owner to pick up the pet.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to register your pets microchip with your information and update address and phone number if it ever changes.  If the chip company does not have the correct information it is impossible for us to reunite pet and owner.

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