Full Service Care


Our veterinarians and support staff provide complete medical care for dogs and cats, including vaccinations and exams, surgical services, dental care, nutrition, boarding and bathing.

Physical Exams

We recommend that your pet have a complete physical exam every six months to one year.  Exams give your veterinarian the chance to look for early signs of disease, including annual screening for intestinal parasites and heartworms.  At Ansley, we emphasize affordable blood screening panels to ensure a pet’s health. Because pets age faster than people, your exams are very important.

Vaccines are also a part of exams.  Depending on your pet…

Dental Care

Have you noticed a foul odor coming from your pet’s mouth or a brown accumulation on the teeth?  Your pet may suffer from dental disease.  It’s not uncommon.  Nearly 85% of dogs and cats suffer from some degree of dental disease.
Proper dental care will increase your pet’s quality of life. A dental prevents your pet from losing teeth, having a painful mouth, having difficulty eating, and developing bad breath. It can also help prevent bacterial infections in the heart and kidneys. We can also provide more complicated procedures, such as oral surgery, if your pet needs more advanced care. We also offer digitally-produced dental x-rays. These allow early detection of problems with the teeth and surrounding bone that would otherwise be undetected.


In general, we recommend you spay or neuter your pets if they are not intended for breeding. Pets should have finished their puppy/kitten vaccines before scheduling surgery. We generally like pets to be (what age?) old but this can vary depending on the pet.
We can provide you with all of your pet’s pharmacological needs with very little waiting time for refills. Refill requests can be made over the phone or via e-mail??? (Please see contact us section).


We recommend microchipping for all pets. We implant the Rescue Microchip, which is a small informational chip placed under the skin. The Rescue Microchip has helped return over ____ pets to their owners.
If you’ve found a stray or lost pet, we can scan…


We can prescribe special diets to treat skin, liver, kidney, heart and intestinal diseases. If weight is a concern we will create a weight-loss program to help your pet reach his/her ideal body weight.

Surgery / Radiology

With in-house radiology (x-ray) equipment, we are able to perform and interpret radiographs within an hour.

Pre-anesthetic bloodwork

Before surgery…

Travel Certificates


  • Reservations are required.  Reserve your holiday and travel boarding needs well in advance.
  • Space is limited, so Ansley Animal Clinic clients receive first priority.
  • All vaccinations must be current to board your pet., including kennel cough.
  • If your pet needs medicine or special food while staying with us, please bring the original packaging (including heartworm prevention).
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